About Us


The team at Lupus Labs has been working on virtual presence applications since 1996. We developed audio/video conferencing systems, chat systems, screen sharing, browser-based collaboration tools, avatar systems, servers and clients for many projects and customers.


In the course we invented many technologies that since got names. Some of them were world firsts: Giphys, SPA, AJAX, live webcam, realtime chat). Some where developed while other cutting-edge teams all over the world did the same: REST, web services, devops, NoSQL.


Meeting people online is now more important than ever. We try to provide tools that enable people to meet and communicate from the safety of their homes. We have been working on these technologies for a long time.

Most of the time for fun, for business and there was also some idealism mixed in. But now, the notion of meeting online can really contribute in an important way, to keep people safe and to keep businesses running.


Since 2007 we are on the Agile Development track. We have seen incredible development speedups using agile methodologies and techniques, including Scrum, Kanban, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, KPIs and dashboards, devops and many others.

The Web Universe

We believe that the web is a virtual space, and that people should meet on the streets and places of the web. People who read the same content at the same time have something to talk about. We believe that the user's privacy must be protected. URLs being private must not leave the user's computer. The identity of users must be protected. They should be able to roam the web anonymously.


Seeing people, meeting, and communicating is a foundation of our society. It is also at the core of most businesses. As we know from the real world: it makes very much sense to be able to see other people.

This is not just about casual chat, gaming, and meeting friends.

  • If you "see" your customers in an online shop, then a salesperson can talk to them.

  • An online fair that shows people is more immersive, yielding more business opportunities.

  • New ad technologies with human like virtual influencers improve attention rates.

Virtual presence on the web is good for business.

Dr. Klaus H. Wolf


Christine Stumpf


Ralf Schwarz

Business Development

Working on avatar based virtual presence since 2001