Ad-hoc Meeting

Quick meetings - Joint viewings - Meetups

The perfect tool

...for ad-hoc meetings:

  • You need a quick videoconference. Just install the extension and meet on any web page.

  • Open the videoconference and there you are. engage the viewers of your live stream:

  • You want to see your viewers. Just tell them to come to your stream with a weblin avatar.

  • See the community and watch how they interact.

...for meetups, gatherings, presentations:

  • You don't need any other tool. Members just go to the meeting-page, open the videoconference, and watch the presentation.

  • After the official program is over people can just stay and continue to socialize.

  • Socializing: that's what organizers want.

  • weblin is the socializing tool for your meetup.

...for joint viewings:

  • You want to watch a stream with your friends. Tell them to go to the streaming page with weblin. Be with your friends and cheer goals together.

  • On YouTube, Twitch, any public or private viewing

...for regular meetings like standup meetings:

  • You do regular meetings. People meet at a related page.

  • The department page, or the team's Jira board.

  • Meet at the sprint board.

  • Do the meeting "at the content".

  • Do the meeting where everyone is anyway.


Community-feeling for organizer and participants

Visitors can interact with each other

See other attendees as human figures and feel the company of others

Interact in a natural way

Screen sharing

Presentation sharing

Continue socializing after the official event ended

Meeting people in the virtual world of the web even if meeting in the real world is difficult


Private chat

Private videoconference breakout sessions

Range controlled videoconference

Casual whisper mode during presentations

Chat moderation

Question queue and voting