Web-users meet as avatars on web pages. Their avatar appears as a small figure at the bottom of any web page. Other users who happen to be on the same page at the same time also show up as avatars.

The avatar can move around. It lets you meet friends and strangers. You can talk in chat balloons, chat windows and in a videoconference. No other tools required.

Want to increase your sales?

Want to talk you your web site visitors?
Want to approach your shop customers?
Want to offer clients a new investment strategy?
Want to convince buyers of an upgrade?

Talk to them. Do the story telling. From human to human. Approach your customers with a human touch.

It's your business, your sales, your success. It is important. So, you need a reliable service with support and guaranteed response times.

The freemium version. Available to everyone. Just install the free browser extension and meet people. With avatars, chat, and videoconference.

Need a quick videoconference: just use it.

Want to make an online event: tell your guests to install and meet on your web site.

Need a better tool for meetups: see your participants on the meetup page, do the talk, and socialize.

Want to have a community-feeling for your YouTube stream: offer to your viewers and see them engage.

As easy as that: and GO!

Hypercasual games on the web. Game as you go.

Coming soon.