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Virtual influencers

Testimonials of real people (influencers) are more effective than plain ad formats. Surprisingly AI-driven virtual influencers are also highly successful. Apparently, they are perceived more like human influencers, than the ad bots they really are. Since is based on avatars representing human figures, weblin is ideally suited to provide advertisers with AI-driven influencer bots that generate much higher attention than plain ads.

"Joggers": a successful running shoe campaign

A new kind of ad bots

Imagine you are at a web site, maybe even with other random visitors. A female jogger in sports outfit appears at the bottom right corner of the web page. The woman stretches. Then a male jogger appears next to her. They start talking. Then they jog together to the left side of the browser window. Both stop and talk a bit about her new shoes. During their conversation they mention the brand of her jogging shoes and why they both like them. Then they leave together.

It looks like a real casual conversation. However, the entire sequence is part of a sophisticated campaign. The two avatars are bots. They play a scripted sequence. Yet, they behave like all the other avatars, like real people. If they appear in several campaigns over time, and also maintain social media profiles, then they are perfect AI-influencers. Even more, these AI-influencers appear not just through their social media feeds. They appear "for real" on the web.

Tyre Man could be an ad bot

A new kind of ad bots

Besides human avatar figures, ad-campaigns can also use anthropomorphized products, e.g. a walking/talking coke bottle, an animated Michelin Tyre Man, etc. These ad-bots might either advertise their product directly or they might provide click-throughs to other advertised content.


Animated bots with scripted sequences

Product branded avatars and props

Testimonials by bots with a human touch

Web traffic generation / click through generation


AI-controlled ad-bots instead of scripted bots

Interactive bots

Scavenger hunt on the client web site intended to increase traffic and visitor retention

Product placement by branded virtual goods in game mechanics