Events / Fairs

Revive your online events

Let attendees behave like in the real world

Like real people

Online events almost face-to-face

Online events with avatars come as close as possible to face-to-face events. Immediately upon arrival new participants see other attendees. At each offering, at each virtual booth, staff can approach new visitors or respond to questions. People chat or engage in videoconferences in pairs or groups.

Attendees stand, walk around, cluster

Online fairs with real people

An online trade show is basically a collection of web pages. However, with attendees walking around on these pages communicating, it is experienced as a lively event rather than a set of static web pages.

Relaxing, not demanding

Easy to use

The tool is easy to use despite the visualization with avatars. This is particularly true in comparison to full 3d- systems that require sophisticated navigation in 3d space just to get to a meeting or to approach another user.


One-to-many presentations with audio/video, screen/window sharing

Videoconference in groups and one-to-one

Online events using existing web content without the need to create 3d-content

Life like socializing after the presentation


Single sign-on integration with event management data

Exchange of business cards

Contact management for users

Highlighting VIP/speaker avatars

Automatic joining of a public A/V channel (e.g. an ongoing presentation) when a participant enters a page

Visual stage/audience separation

Chat moderation

Question / discussion topic selection or election