Community Building

Increase user engagement

Grow the community beyond your own site

Community feeling

A feature for your community

Existing communities may employ to enhance their community. Weblin is an additional feature for the community allowing communities to reach beyond their own content offerings. Communities get access to their users even if those users are browsing the web somewhere else.

Especially publishers who provide their content through distribution sites like YouTube and Twitch can reclaim the time that their users spend on the distribution site for themselves. Users who are aware of other users watching the same content and in particular users who chat and interact while doing so will stay longer and consume more content. In addition, even small-scale gamification of user interaction on streaming content might increase the time spent with the content.


Your community across the entire web

All weblin users form a large social network across the web. The general community may grow into a powerful social network, that pushes the boundaries of traditional social networks in single domains. Already, social-network and ad-suppliers strive to reach beyond their respective sites by employing page add-ins, like-buttons, analytics-snippets, and AdSense-modules. They try to cover as much web space as possible. Yet, automatically covers all web sites where weblins happen to be easily surpassing the range of SN silos and Ad networks.

The combination of an already established social network with is unbeatable. If a large social network chooses to offer as a feature, then that social network will out-compete all other SNs because it will cover the entire web. This SN will not only command the time their users spend on the SN's own domain, but also the time users spend somewhere else, even on competing offerings.


A new feature for your members

Extension of the community beyond the community web site

Community label enables community members to recognize each other everywhere

A social network on the entire web across all social network boundaries

Meeting random strangers with shared interests based on the common web content

Chance meetings with friends who cannot seen each other in the real world

Meeting people in the virtual world of the web even if meeting in the real world is difficult

Outcompete other social networks in terms of reach.


Additional avatar (sets) in community related themes

Nickname/Avatar configuration integrated with community account management

Avatar upload (user created content, incl. content management)

Achievement/point/level system and visual rewards

Tangible rewards

User profile page

Buddy list, instant messenger, asynchronous messaging