The entire web - a new gaming space

Casual gamers

Hypercasual gaming for the desktop

Casual gamers can engage in ultra-short gaming activities like scanning for mineable resources, checking for the presence of creatures to catch, feed/train their pet, trade items with friends and random strangers. These short intermittent time slots do not really take time away from the main web browsing activity. However, the combination of all these gaming actions of multiple users turns into a massive multiplayer game, actually many such games, offering opportunities for game companies to transfer their know-how and their established business models to the web platform. A platform with a billion users, yet untapped for hypercasual games.

Exclusive screen time

Uncontested screen time

Of course, there are already games on the web. Yet, they compete for the users' online time budget. Gaming on web pages in the weblin way does not compete with other online activities. It rather uses the online time budget.

Power game

Ubiquitous power gaming

Casual gaming easily into power gaming when users are heavily engaged. Weblin enables power gaming for all gamer types (socializers, achievers, explorers, warriors) with a full cycle in-game economy (mining, crafting, leveling, trade, battle) everywhere on the web on all pages where people go.


Massive multiuser online gaming

Very short action/reward sequences

Extends hyper-casual to the desktop

Virtual item API for external item/game providers


Mining, crafting, leveling, trade, battle

Page ownership claims with tangible benefits

Integration of 3rd party game mechanics

Enables various play styles: solo, cooperative, competitive

Supports different engagement: casual user, power user

Attractive to all player types

Socializers, achievers, explorers, warriors