The basics

All weblins have:

Meeting people on web pages

Animated 3d-avatars


Chat on every web page

One click videoconference

Web browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Completely anonymous

Works on all web sites

Advanced features

And even more:

Speech bubble and/or chat window

Private chat

Private videoconference

Screen and app window sharing

Several avatar sets: business, casual, various other themes

Randomized initial avatar preset with configuration option for user

Parametrized initial neutral nickname selection and configuration option for user

Simple meetings setup be visiting a web page at a scheduled time without the need to install additional videoconference tools, i.e. no Skype, Teams, Zoom, WebEx.

Simple installation suitable for the mass market and inexperienced users

Reduced set of controls and GUI elements

Safe installation via Microsoft and Google app store validation

Security enhanced through browser sandbox without native programs

Privacy protection

Small memory/disk footprint

Flexible configuration of web address - chat room mapping


Hosting in Germany

What your IT wants to know

Technical details

SSL encryption

Cloud hosting

URL mapping

Jitsi videoconference

IETF standardized XMPP Protocol

Open source chat server

Patented privacy preserving method for distributed communication channel allocation